There are many influences that shape our lives and our work, some of them profound contributors to our sense of mission in life and desire to accomplish things that make a difference in the lives of others. We acknowledge three individuals who have provided us with the inspiration and support to become who we are today: Dr. Clarence (Curly) Johnson, Dr. Sharon Johnston and Dr. Ronald Fredrickson.

We dedicated our book, Achieving Excellence in School Counseling through Motivation, Self-Direction, Self-Knowledge and Relationships, to them and further acknowledged them in our Construct-Based Approach (CBA) on a Flash Drive. It is entirely appropriate that we again recognize each of them for being our mentors and friends. Their ideas and unwavering dedication to educational excellence are evident throughout the CBA Website.

We also wish to acknowledge the significant contribution of professional school counselors and counselor educators with whom we have worked over the past three decades. Our interactions with them have helped make the products we create both relevant and meaningful to the school counseling profession, to the students and families we serve, and to the educators with whom we collaborate to support excellence in school counseling programs and counselor practice.

The Ronald H. Fredrickson Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation (CSCORE) has been an incredible resource and support for our work. CSCORE members (Jay Carey, Carey Dimmitt, Karen Harrington, Catherine Griffith) have been consummate partners in seeking to establish the legitimacy and vital contribution of school counseling to student achievement and school quality. In particular, we wish to thank Karen Harrington for her considerable contribution to the success of the projects on which we collaborated.

Others who deserve special recognition because of their influence on the ideas in our book, toolkit and website are Bob Tyra, Tim Poynton, Brett Zyromski, Jean Greco, Belinda Wilkerson, Ian Martin, and Katie Gray.

Finally, we wish to express our gratitude to two collaborators who helped us design and launch the CBA Website: Jan West ( who built our website and Martha Langer ( who was our design consultant.

Karl Squier, Lady of the Lake Learning Systems

Patricia Nailor, Providence College

John Carey, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Director of Ronald H. Fredrickson Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation (CSCORE)

April 2016